10 Best Music Downloader for MAC OS

Mac OS has been gaining users more and more over the years. An alternative to Windows PC, Mac provides a growing number of advantages over its competitor including increased security and more. Today, we would be looking at the best Soundcloud downloader available for Mac OS users:

KeepVid Music

KeepVid Music is one of the most widely used music downloader available across the internet. It works perfectly fine on more than 10000 sites and helps the users to discover and download music files in MP3 format with utmost ease. You can also use this software to transfer music between two different devices.

iSkysoftiTube Studio

Another very powerful MAC OS compatible music downloaded is the iSkysoftiTube Studio. This program allows you to download music files in a number of different formats. Additionally, you can also use this program to download music files from a website URL.

Media Drug

Media Drug is widely regarded by its users as a very powerful music downloader for Mac devices due to a number of functions available to them. The easy-to-use interface coupled with fast download speeds and large music database makes it a popular choice with users.


FrostWire provides its users with a number of different functionality in addition to music download features. You can listen to radios and search music via SoundCloud. FrostWire allows the users to download multiple files simultaneously with an integrated bar showing the respective download speeds of all downloads.


Vuze is another very popular MAC OS compatible music downloader which not only allows users to download music files but music videos also. The complex user interface of Vuze might a problem for many users but the programs provide support for download files across multiple websites at a high download speed.


Jeer is a Mac OS music downloader which is developed on the Java platform. This is one of the reasons of its big size data that it requires on the disk. However, the very easy to use interface of the programs helps the users to download the music very easily and effectively.


Miro is a very useful Music downloader available to the MAC users. This software can help you to download, play and convert songs via a single app without having to put in too much effort on your end. However, slow download speed and conversion speed can be a problem for few.


One of the best free music downloaders available for Mac users to download music is Tribler. This program allows the users to download high quality music at a very fast download speed without taking too much disk space on your device.


Beatport has been regarded as one of the best available music downloader program available to the Mac users. The very-friendly user interface provides the users with a wide variety of functions and flexibility to their music files. The in-built file storage and management system of Beatport is among the best available across all music downloaders.


If you are a fan of high download speeds for your music files, then Transmission is a very popular among the Mac users for downloading music. The user-friendly interface helps the users to search for and download music files without having putting in too much effort to do so.

The Last Words

Music provides a sense of calmness to the listener and helps to soothe them down. Today, the internet is full of a number of Music downloaders for Mac users but the programs mentioned above are some of the best available across the internet.


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