4 Useful tips to download Music and Movies for Free

Everyone loves to listen to music or watch movies in their free time. It is a great stress buster and a good source of entertainment. Whenever you are bored, you can do either of these activities to spend some quality time. Now it would require a lot of data to stream the music or the movies. Plus if you have a slow connection, then you might get irritated with the buffering as well. Also, many times you may not be connected to a network and it would be impossible to stream music or movies. So, the best way out is to download them on your device through soundcloud downloader. Now there are many websites from where you can download music as well as movies, but there are many problems. By following the tips mentioned below, you can download easily. Let us take a look at these tips.

Allow personal firewall settings to enable P2P Downloads

Firewalls are free software programs which mostly comes pre-installed on your computers. These are there to block and prevent the intruders from accessing your computer network. They help in preventing the viruses and other malware from attacking your device. Most of the websites and P2P networks are considered illegal intruders by the firewall and they sometimes block you from downloading through these. So therefore to download the free music and movies, you must go to the settings of your firewall and open the port numbers which are turned off by default. This will stop the firewall from disrupting the download.

Tweak the computer’s internet performance

Since there are a number of users who are downloading the same file from the website at any given time, therefore the speed of the download for each individual downloader slows down apparently. Also, many old computers also are not able to take full advantage of an internet connection due to which speeds are slow. But you can make some simple speed tweaks which can help you to download free music and movies quickly. Just go to internet network settings and make the tweaks to increase the speed.

Don’t do other activities through internet

Music and movie downloads are many a times interrupted and stopped when the connection is slow and you use it for multiple activities. Many a times we are bored while the files are being downloaded from the music downloader and hence browse the web or play online games side by side. This affects the overall connection and slows down the speed of the download of not completely stopping it. So you should be patient and avoid doing other network related activities while the download is taking place to ensure smooth and quick download.


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