5 Best Apple Music Converter Apps Available for Free

Might be you need to play the MP3 versions of your Apple music onto some other device which does not support the same, then you need to get the Apple Music converter apps to in order to convert Apple Music into MP3 formats. Even though Apple provides you with the apps which will allow you to convert protected music files to those of the least restrictive files, there are some other software programs too which can help you do the same with great ease. Here, we will be mentioning few of the best Apple Music converter Apps that you can use.


iMusic allows the users to download and record the Apple Music to the MP3 versions. You can download music from more than 3000 different sites including YouTube and many more. You can record music from unlimited music sites and different radio stations, such as iTunes Radio. You have to copy and paste the URL to be downloaded to the download box and click on the Download button to start the download. In order to record music, it will filter the ads and identify the music for itself and will offer you complete songs. After the completion of downloading and recording Music, the same can be transferred to various iOS devices.

Freemake Audio converter

This is a free application which can be used to convert audio files into different media formats. A wide range of media formats including MP3, M4A, WMA, WAV and many more is supported by it. You can also prepare music tracks which you can listen to on your MP3 Player.  This app indeed is a great app as it has the ability to convert video to audio as fast as a click. It can also be used to join audio files if you want those audio files to play endlessly.

Apple Music Converter

Apple music converter is a bit different from the iTunes as iTunes is more about media ownership and its functioning whereas Apple Music converter is mostly about the music streaming. This app will allow you to access a huge range of music from Apple Music’s whole catalogue.  Also you must realize that the music you are listening to is not owned by you. You would not be able to offload the tracks somewhere else as the rights does not belong to you.

Free M4a to MP3 Converter

There are seriously a lot of stuffs to like about this software program. Besides allowing you to convert Apple music to MP3 format with an ultimate ease, it also owns a very simple interface that will be easily understood by you and can be used. Moreover, it is important to notify that the application does not convert or play any of the M4B videos which are mostly used by various audio books, whereas MP3 format can be played virtually on each and every audio device. It is a file format which will never let you down.

Any Video Converter HD

There is nothing to hate about this converter as it is designed and optimized to meet all the users’ needs perfectly well. It owns a very high conversion speed which is optimized for all the possible processors. The core engine offers the best performance despite of whatever operating system you are using SoundCloud to mp3.  It can convert both the audios and videos really matter despite the fact that its name suggests it as a video converter. Audio language selection, subtitle selection, and automatic interface add up bring the most impressive features of the application.

The Last Words

Now since you have known about these great Music converter apps for iOS, it solely depends upon you that which one you choose for and what are the requirements which you need to get fulfilled.


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