5 Best Audio File Converters to Convert Audio Files

Are you also tired of seeing the “unsupported format” message on your device while playing a certain video which you got to download after so much of brain storming, in order to search the same over the World Wide Web? Because of the large assortment of various audio formats available today, there may come some files which will be unreadable just because of the unsupported format. In order to make the format supportable by your device, it is necessary to convert it into some format which will be supported on your device. Audio file converters are blessings for us in such “What to do?” situations.

There are a number of online services and apps that offer their users with fast and convenient processes during the conversion process. Here we will be listing few of the best soundcloud to mp3 audio file converter software.

Apowersoft free online Audio Converter

An easy and effective method of converting video or audio files to your preferred audio formats is offered by Apowersoft. You can choose from a wide range of formats which includes MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and OGG. You will get completely free web services and to your relief, you also don’t need to sign in or sign up as it is available for all the online users. Fast and stable conversion along with conversion of video to audio for various mobile devices and PC are few of its major features. It also provides few more features such as support for online conversion of audio files and specific audio output settings which further helps to meet the varied needs of users.

Free Audio Converter

Free Audio Converter supports a number of popular audio file formats and the best thing is that it is a free program. This audio file converter has very flexible settings which enables you to edit or delete any old presets and create the new ones. It also allows you to change the audio conversion settings and the parameters too. This audio conversion software supports both single and batch mode which is the one of the useful features we can find in a software.

Media Monkey

This is a media library program and also a digital media player which primarily known to organize and play the audio files. It is able to manage both small and large media collections. It is able to download podcasts, search music online, rip CDs and can organize files on any network or hard drive. As conversion software it can convert files from almost each and every format. The application is available for both free and at a mere cost of 25$ for the premium version.


FreeRIP which is a multifaceted converter is capable of reading audios from the CDs and saving the files on the device in different digital formats. It can also convert audio files such as MP3 into different formats, play audio files and can also find the track information e.g. titles and lyrics. It also allows the users with easy and swift conversion and organization of media files. You can either use the basic and free version or upgrade to the paid version with extra useful options.


Foobar2000 which is a free download player specially designed for Windows OS come with a customizable interface with extensively flexible settings and other useful features. It can be completely customized and hence third party developers can choose to change the interface. It supports a wide selection of formats and Audio CD ripping too.

The Bottom Line

These are few of the audio file converters we found best on the Internet. Now it is your turn to research a little on your needs and get yourself the best among these, according to your needs.


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