5 Best YouTube Music Converter Apps

Where do you search the videos whenever you feel like viewing one of your favourite videos or whenever you would like to listen and watch your favourite songs online? Most of the people will shout loud the one of the topmost video hosting website YouTube. For all the music freaks YouTube acts as the one stop destination as they can easily find each and every possible song on this website, it hardly matters that whether the song is from the oldest movie ever or the newest released.

But then the space constraints are the villain for the music lovers who wants to download their favourite playlist. For them YouTube Music converter apps act as the boon. These apps assist in converting the video files into MP3 files. We will be talking about the 5 best YouTube Music converter Apps.


Flvto app allows you to convert your favourite YouTube videos to the low MB consuming MP3, on your android smart phones in very simple steps. You just need to know the YouTube link of your favourite video which you need to convert. You have to paste that link in the provided box. Now, you need to press the convert button to get the MP3 version of the video. You can easily save this on your device.

Video to MP3 Downloader

Video to MP3 downloader is a blessing to all of them who are tired of seeing the low on memory message on their smart phones whenever they try to download the YouTube videos on their respective devices. You can easily convert your favourite YouTube videos to MP3 format. Video to MP3 Downloader’s ability to produce the high quality audio files is the best feature of the app. You just need to enter the link of the video in the box provided. The process of file conversion will begin as soon as you press the Download button. The volume of the video will decide the time needed to convert the same.

Video to MP3 Converter

Video to MP3 converter app allows you to convert your favourite YouTube videos into audio files. The most amazing feature of this app is that it is capable of converting the video files into multiple audio formats. The app has an ability of extracting the audio from the various video files present on the different sites present on the Internet. Users just need to enter or paste the video link in the box provided. You can also choose the audio quality and then click on the create MP3 file button to begin the process.


It is the best YouTube music converter app through which the user can download the videos and convert them into the MP3 files. There are just three simple steps which you have to follow in the process of downloading. The users just need to begin searching their favourite videos on YouTube, and then they can select it and download it in whichever format they want to like MP3 or MP4 format. The application will create a folder in the “Download” section, there you can find all the songs stored.

Peggo App

Peggo App will require installing the APK files to your android device. After the installation users can create audio Mp3 files out of their favourite YouTube videos. You can simply browse the videos which you want to save as an audio file and can begin the process of conversion. It is also capable to convert HD videos to MP3 videos.

The Bottom Line

These are few of the YouTube soundcloud downloader apps which is a boon for the music lovers who can’t find their favourite songs anywhere else but on YouTube and find it really difficult to download them on their android devices.


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