5 Places from where you can get Free Music Downloads

We all love listening to music. It is a great relief from stress and improves our mood. There are various types of music and we all have different choices. But seldom, you will find a person who doesn’t listen to music. Now streaming music can be a headache because firstly you will be needed to be connected to a network. Then you need to ensure that you have a lot of data as well. But the other alternative you have is to download the music at once, store it on your device and listen to it whenever you want without requiring a connection. Now there are multiple websites which allow music download and that too for free. So let us now look at some of the best music downloader websites. Note that downloading from these websites is absolutely legal.


It is a great and popular website which has a creative commons license. This means that the artists have themselves decided to give their music to the masses for free. So you get to download new and popular music legally and that too for free. It has various categories like the most popular, latest release, most heard etc which help you to download the most trending songs. You can download either a single track or an entire album here.


This website has thousands of music tracks and all of them are absolutely free as well as legal to download. The tracks are provided by the artists and you can tip them through the website only if you liked and enjoyed their work. You can download any song by just entering your email address and then the zip code for each album or song that you are willing to download. After that you will get a link to download the song. The song will be downloaded in the mp3 format while the album will be downloaded in zip format which can be extracted to take out mp3 songs.

Free Music Archive

This music downloader website which is popularly known as the FMA allows you to download free music directed by the freeform radio station known as WFMU. The songs here are free of cost and legal to be downloaded. You can download the songs even if you do not have user account on the website. There are various genres of songs which are divided into sub categories. You can browse through these categories to search and then download your favorite songs.

Internet Archive’s Audio Library

Not only music files, but this popular website also consists of millions of podcasts, radio programs as well as live music archives. All these are available for free and can be legally downloaded from the website. The items on the site can be sorted according to the date, artist, title or popularity. After that you can easily browse your favorite songs and thereby download them for free. This is very popular since most of the major artists’ works are available here.

Pure Volume

It is another great website to download free music legally. Just browse through the already specified categories, select you favorite song and then you can download it from the site without even having to create a user account.

The Bottom Line

So we have seen that though there are many websites for music download, but most of them provide illegal content. So if you want to download legal content and that too for free, then you can visit any of the soundcloud downloader sites mentioned above and get your favorite songs for free.


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