5 Websites to Download Free Music Online

Music is a great healer and helps you to relax and calm down. It is soothing to the soul and one of the greatest stress busters. For some people, music is so important that they keep listening to it throughout the day. As the old cliché goes, music is life for some people. Now there are a lot of websites and apps which allow you to stream unlimited music online. These are the ones in trend. But if you are a traditional type or you have limited data, then you would want to download your favorite music at once and store it on your PC or mobile so that you could listen whenever you want. There are a lot of soundcloud to mp3 sites for this. Let us see some of the best ones available out there for downloading great free music.


Soundclick is a very popular free media downloading site which was established in the year 1997 as a social media platform. There are thousands of songs as well as album including those from the previous generations which you can download with a simple click and that too for absolutely no cost. Besides this, you can also stream videos, listen to customizes radio and create a full profile on this website as well. Besides this, the users also get the option to listen to Jamendo radio as well as watch Jamendo TV for free.


It is one of the biggest music downloader websites. It has a collection of over 55,000 albums of music artists. You can choose from such a wide variety and download your favorite music for free. Also, the users can their personal album and share it with fellow users along the site. If you are an artist, then you can also get a license from the website for your music album and that too at a relatively low cost than any other label.

Noise Trade

It is an amazing website where you can download thousands of songs for free. The best things about it is that the songs will not be downloaded illegally like on most other websites. Rather, you will be able to download legal songs from this website without having to pay even a penny for it. Not only this, the website also provides you the option to share your favorite music with fellow users of the website.

Free Music Archive

It is one of the best websites for downloading songs from the web for free. They claim that they have the best collection of music with over 65,000 songs available to be downloaded. They have divided their collection of music tracks into various categories such as Country, Pop, Hip Hop, Electro, EDM, Metal, Blues, Classic, Rock, R&B etc. This makes it very easy for the users to find and browse through the music and download their favorite song for free.










It has a unique archive of great music. The users of this site get a unique experience of downloading free music. Besides downloading music, the users can also watch movies, play games and get information about the artists whose albums are there on the website. You can discover some great music through categories such as popular songs, best audio of the month, best audio of the year etc.

The Last Words

So we have seen some of the best free music downloader websites above. Just visit any of these sites and download you favorite music without having to pay any cost.


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