Best Android Apps to listen Music on Smartphones

You must have hundreds of apps installed on your smartphone. From games to social media, the smartphones are the ultimate tools for some great entertainment. The choice of apps may differ from person to person, but one type of app which every person has in his smartphone is the music playing apps. Now there are some really amazing apps on the Google Play Store which you could download to listen to some great music. There are so many options to choose from that it’s very difficult to choose one. So here we have compiled a list of the best Android apps such as SoundCloud Downloader on which you can listen to music.


This is surely the best app Android app for listening to music. It has thousands of music files which are uploaded by other users and which you can listen for free. There are so many users, that a combined 10+ hours of audio is uploaded every minute on the app. This ensures that you have access to unlimited music of every taste and genre. Even many artists themselves upload their works on SoundCloud, sometimes even before their release, and hence you can get to listen to the future hits as well.

Google Play Music

This app comes preinstalled in most of the Android devices. But if your device doesn’t have it pre loaded, then you can download it from the Play Store for free. It is a simple app with a clean and easy to use UI. In this, you can listen to your own music library without any annoying ads. There isn’t any unwanted music or radio station as well to annoy you in between. The best thing about the app is the “I’m feeling lucky” feature. With this, the app will automatically play the songs which you listen the most and hence you will not have to create a separate playlist for your favorite songs.


This is one of the world’s most popular music apps. It’s an amazing app in which you can follow various artists as well as sync music to your desktop. You can also create a radio station and then Spotify will analyze your favorite music, artists and the stuff related to them and recommends you music according to your initial interest. Besides this, you can also add your favorite songs to the Spotify music library if you want. Then you can play them again and again. One of the best features of the app is that it keeps on coming up with push notifications informing you about and update in the playlist or about a new album being released. This helps you to stay in the know and never miss any song from your favorite artists.

8 Tracks

It is a great radio app for smartphones. In this, you can listen to ad free music. The music in this app comes in mixes wherein each mix consists of 8 tracks. There are plenty of mixes available through the app. There are subdivided into categories and you can browse them as popular, featured, staff picked, trending and a lot more. Besides this, you can just enter a mood or genre you prefer and you will also be able to find mixes from that. You can favorite the tracks you like the list and then comment on them along with fellow users.

The Last Words

So we have seen that there are some amazing apps for listening to music. Besides the numero uno app SoundCloud, you can also download any other app from the ones mentioned above and listen to some great music on your smartphone.


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