Top 10 Apps to Download Music from iPhone

Top 10 Apps to Download Music from iPhone

For all the music lovers, the apps of Apple are one of the most advanced apps due to many reasons as they provide the finest clarity for enjoying music. All Apple devices such as iPad, iPod and iPhone have got the best music apps with several exclusive features. To help you download music on your iPhone, the following 6 apps are the few of the best soundcloud to mp3 music downloader apps for iPhone:

Beats Music

A great free music download app, Beats Music is one useful app for those who want to stream music fast and download it to their iPhone device. This app allows you to access 20 million songs from about every genre and has got a large storage database. This app also offers a very innovative streaming service for all the music lovers with a unique combination of premium technology and services of top-tier music experts and provides you the right music.

Spotify Music

Spotify Music is similar to its sister app – Spotify which allows you to access all the required music without any kind of hassles. You can find different new songs and artists when using this application while also being able to create playlists of your own as well. This app has an enormous database and has got a great sound quality.


iDownloader is not only a music downloader app, but this app also provides video downloads, photo viewer, players etc. This application brings several management along with sharing features which makes it a great addition to the iPhone app stash. The users can download any file from the internet and transfer them swiftly to their computer also.

The Music+

The Music+ app brings a lot of ease for people who love to buy music often as it allows them to download their preferred music easily without any hassle.This app is very easy to use and is completely optimized for iOS7. You also get the option to record as well as playback the music without any issues. Its amazing interface is easy to use and is very reliable and has got lots of innovative features such as crossfade, visualizers and many more. Users can customize their listening experience with the playback music.

Music Free Download Pro

Music Pro is a great application if you wish to download unlimited number of songs to your iPhone. It supports MP3, M4A as well as WAV files which is very much helpful if you browse websites with a number of download options. This app will also enable you to play your songs using the integrated player. The music downloader pro app has a clean interface and integrates the web browser and player.The key features of this app include the ability to show the title, artists and artwork of the album.

Freegal Music

Freegal is a free music download app which can process free music downloads for iPhone or iPad devices and this app provides you with 7 million plus MP3 songs via your iPhone’s local library. Using this app can help you find a large variety of music and artists from all over the world. This app is available free of cost and is simple with a stylish interface. The interface is easy to use and provides a large number of songs to download. You can also create personalized playlists and access your library on the go.

The Bottom Line

With so many apps available for free music downloader apps for your iPhone, their features are quite innovative and makes it easy to download, listen, store, edit or share the music hassle-free and making it effortlessly easy.

Music Download Sites – What Makes a Site Legal or Illegal?

For people around the globe, Music is a way of life. It helps to soothe us, motivate us, relax us and calm us. While most people prefer to buy music through the official stores, some people also resort to downloading music through illegal websites or via a music downloader. While these music downloader sites are barely expensive for customers to get music, these have provided opportunities for a number of websites to set up an illegal method of music downloads. So what makes a music downloading site legal or illegal? Let’s have a good look at them.

The place where it all began

Napster, in 1999, became the first software to allow music file sharing among users. Founded and created by Shawn Fanning, this software allowed users to bypass the entire music industry to get music for absolutely free. However, soon this software became embroiled in numerous legal battles over violating copyright laws and more while illegally distributing music files. In 3 years, Napster filed for bankruptcy over the numerous violation cases prosecuted over them, but the damage was done. In its aftermath, numerous other file sharing websites and software emerged which allowed users with the option to illegally download music.

What makes a website is legal or illegal?

To combat the rise of music downloader websites and software, few copyright laws were made. There were few basic principles a site had to follow to provide legal downloads. Firstly, they would require permission to distribute such files from their copyright owners – artists/publishing company/labels. Also, these websites would have to provide compensation to the above mentioned owners for using their properties.

How to ensure that the music you download is legal or illegal?

The website that provide you music download in a legal manner would be having a legal distribution agreement with most of the recording labels and artists which would allow you to download music for their website. The website would be paying a compensation amount to that label in return for allowing you to do so. This isn’t the case with most of the illegal music downloader website or software. This was why Napster found itself in trouble with multiple recording labels because the sharing of music files over the software was not recognized by such owners and their copyrighted materials were shared across the internet without getting compensation in return, leading to a loss of revenue for them.

What if I download Music files from an illegal website without knowing?

If you download a music file from an illegal source with or without knowledge, it would be your own fault. You are the one who could be handed responsible for the actions you take. The owners of that music file expect a small compensation from you and the website you have downloaded their file from for you to get an access to them. Therefore, it is very important for anyone to do a complete research about a website before making music downloads via a software or website.

If Music download copyright infringement is possible, then why is CD Burner software available?

While the influx of CD Burners or other software which allow you to rip music is on a rise, action cannot be taken against them. This is simply because they have legalized use association. They are allowed to be used for personal back-ups of legally purchased files but people are using them for illegal sharing of music files as well.

The Last Words

The simple trick to understand if a website you are using is legal or illegal is to understand if they are seeking proper permissions from the copyright owners before distributing their files. If a website is not following such laws, then it could be safely concluded that that music downloader website is illegal.

How to Convert iTunes Songs to MP3 in just 5 Steps

iTunes is a media library or media player application developed by Apple Inc. This application is used to download, play and organize digital downloads of music as well as video on your personal computers. The iTunes Store is available on iPad, iTouch and iPod Touch. The songs you buy from iTunes Store are not MP3s even though they are digital music. To convert these iTunes songs to MP3, one can use tool or soundcloud music converter built into iTunes by following the below 5 steps:

Step 1: Manage Preferences

Open the iTunes setting preferences. Navigate to the Importing Settings page where you can change the encoding format. Digital Restrictions Management or DRM allows Apple to track the number of computers that have decoded the file you have downloaded and this is the reason why you must register your music every single time you format your hard-drive. On a windows system, click on edit and then go to preferences. On a MAC system, choose iTunes and then click on preferences.

Step 2: Import Settings

The next step would be to navigate to the Importing Settings and then choose the MP3 format. Click on the General Button, and then click on the Importing Settings button in the lower section of the window system. Choose the “MP3” option from the Import option using pop-menu. Click on OK to save this setting.

Step 3: Selecting Conversion Tool

Next, make sure that all the files you want to convert are already imported to iTunes. If you still have some songs to import, you can opt to import and convert them at the same time. These new songs will show up as MP3 files in the iTunes library. Sometimes, the older purchased songs are encoded using a Protected AAC format which blocks the conversion of in- iTunes. These files can be converted a third-party file music converter or website. These files can also be converted by paying for iTunes Plus.

Step 4: Converting Files

The next step is to convert the files. To do this, select the required songs in your library and then select the “Create MP3 version” option from the menu: File à Create New Version. To convert all your songs in the folder or disc, hold down the ‘Shift’ button in windows or ‘Option’ button in Mac. After doing this, go to – Select File à Create New Version à Convert [import preference setting]. This import preference setting should be set to file encoding format which you can choose on the Importing Preferences page. After this, iTunes will prompt you for the location of the disk or folder that you wish you to import and convert.

Step 5: Get the M4P file Format

After all the above steps, you will have to wait for the audio files to convert. You will see that two copies of the song files show up in your iTunes library- the original M4P file and the new MP3 file. Both these files should be easily played in iTunes. Now you can move the M4P file to some other folder or remove them from the library if you do not want to see both the copies of the song files in your iTunes library. Keep in mind that the conversions between the compressed files can cause a slight loss in the sound quality.

The Last Words

There are several other music converter options that can be used to convert iTunes songs to MP3. Remember that if you are converting from a high- quality conversion to a low-quality conversion, the song file may worsen a little but will sound the same if converting from a low quality to high quality conversion. You can delete the original iTune file if you do not require once it is converted.

How to download Music from YouTube with Music Downloader

How to download Music from YouTube with Music Downloader

Sometimes, it is too much tiring to visit YouTube all the time just to listen to your favourite tracks. Also, the continuous consumption of data also tires our nerves. To overcome these tiring situations it is always better to download those HD videos on your device and enjoy the same anytime you want to. Yes, it seems to be easy that we can download the YouTube videos, but the major question is, how?  This article would help you out in knowing the answers to all your questions and gradually you will also know about how to download Music from YouTube with Music Downloader?

Music Downloader Website

These special websites allow the users to convert their favourite YouTube videos into MP3 files. The same can be done for music videos, songs or any type of videos. You just need to open the video in YouTube you want to convert. The next thing you need to do is to copy the video link. You can select the link in the browser bar and copy it by right clicking and selecting the copy option. If you are an android user then you can copy the link by clicking on the sharing button underneath the video and by tapping on the share option.

It’s time to click on the Download Link

There are a number of free websites which will help you convert the YouTube video into MP3 and after that you will be provided with a download link. Now all you need to do is to paste the copied URL in the box provided on the converter website and press on the “Download” or “convert” button. After clicking this, the process of conversion will begin. It is to be noted that few website might take more time than some f the other websites. Few websites such as will show the list of links in various formats, you need to click on the “Download MP3” in order to download the MP3 version precisely on the other hand websites like or, the download button which will appear just after the conversion will download the MP3 file.

Play the Music Loud

Now, you are all done with the downloading of the MP3 version of your favourite YouTube video using the music downloader. Now, just enjoy the same by playing the downloaded file on your media player. You will be able to find the downloaded file in the “download” folder. The same can be shifted to the music folders.

Transfer the file onto your iOS devices

Being a proud owner of any iOS device, you can use iTunes in order to copy the downloaded MP3 file to your device. You can add the MP3 file to the iTunes library by dragging the same, into the iTunes window. Now, you have to connect your iOS device to the computer using an USB. The device will appear in iTunes after some time. Now select the new MP3 file from iTunes and drag it to your iOS device appearing in the sidebar on the left. Now just drop the MP3 file onto the iOS device and it will be copied to the device, which you will be able to find in your Music App.

The Last Words

This is the whole process how you can download the MP3 version of the YouTube video using the Music Downloader websites. This will be very helpful for you, if you are having a hard time finding how to download the music from YouTube. The steps are really easy to follow and are easy to understand too, which will enable you to get the MP3 version of your YouTube favourites easily.


Audio Optimization – 5 Tips to Optimize Audio Files

Audio Optimization – 5 Tips to Optimize Audio Files

At some point or the other, every one of us has tried to learn how audio files work. This information might seem unimportant but in fact can come handy when you record music, create a podcast or optimize your music library. There are various factors that affect the audio quality and file size where you might have to perform basic sound editing, add some digital effects enhancements or apply several techniques such as audio file converter to optimize your sound files. Here are 5 tips to optimize your audio files:

Sample Rate

To capture sound and convert it to digital data, you cannot just record the full sound wave. Instead you will have to take snapshots periodically of this sound over time. You get an approximate recreation of the original sound when you play all of it back in sequence. Each of these snapshots is called sample and the interval between each of these snapshots is called the sample rate. Faster frequencies will produce more accurate recordings but they also require more data to store each second of the recorded sound.


Most of us confuse between sample rate and bitrate. Sample rate is how often the snapshots of the sound are taken and bit depth is how much data is being recorded during each snapshot. Bitrate is how much sound data is being processed actually per second. The higher the bit rate value is, the more data is captured per sample and this leads to a more accurate recording at the expense of more space required storing that data. The sound data gets lost if the bit depth is reduced too much.

Stereo vs. Mono

Stereo means two channels while Mono means one channel. These two channels in a stereo audio file is usually referred to as the right and left channels. When using a pair of headphones, you will be hearing one of the stereo channels in one ear and the other stereo channel in your other ear.

If you are listening to a mono audio file, then you will hear the same exact channel in both your ears. The easiest way to cut down an audio file size in half is to convert it from stereo to mono. Mono is always preferred for voice-only recordings for this particular reason.


When working with WAV files, the only way to reduce the file size is by interfering with one of the above settings- bit depth, sample rate or the number of channels. For all other formats, compression is the biggest factor in an audio file size when using audio file converter.

There are two types of compressions- lossy compression which removes unnecessary data from the audio file and this data when once discarded cannot be recovered.

The other type of compression is the lossless compression which takes an audio file, packs it down as much as possible using mathematical algorithms but requires to be decompressed at the time of playback which will require more processing power. In this case, no actual data is lost. For optimal file sizes, always go with lossy compression.

File Format

Once you have decided to go with the lossy compression, you will have to decide the file format which is best for you, the most popular ones being MP3, AAC and OGG. Whichever format you use, you will end up compressing to a target bitrate.

The Last Words

Understanding these 5 tips will help you to decide the best way to record and compress podcasts or music which you have created. Not only this, but these tips will also help you in deciding the kind of music formats that you need to purchase or the kind of streaming services that you have to use or the audio file converter to be used.

5 Websites to Download Free Music Online

5 Websites to Download Free Music Online

Music is a great healer and helps you to relax and calm down. It is soothing to the soul and one of the greatest stress busters. For some people, music is so important that they keep listening to it throughout the day. As the old cliché goes, music is life for some people. Now there are a lot of websites and apps which allow you to stream unlimited music online. These are the ones in trend. But if you are a traditional type or you have limited data, then you would want to download your favorite music at once and store it on your PC or mobile so that you could listen whenever you want. There are a lot of soundcloud to mp3 sites for this. Let us see some of the best ones available out there for downloading great free music.


Soundclick is a very popular free media downloading site which was established in the year 1997 as a social media platform. There are thousands of songs as well as album including those from the previous generations which you can download with a simple click and that too for absolutely no cost. Besides this, you can also stream videos, listen to customizes radio and create a full profile on this website as well. Besides this, the users also get the option to listen to Jamendo radio as well as watch Jamendo TV for free.


It is one of the biggest music downloader websites. It has a collection of over 55,000 albums of music artists. You can choose from such a wide variety and download your favorite music for free. Also, the users can their personal album and share it with fellow users along the site. If you are an artist, then you can also get a license from the website for your music album and that too at a relatively low cost than any other label.

Noise Trade

It is an amazing website where you can download thousands of songs for free. The best things about it is that the songs will not be downloaded illegally like on most other websites. Rather, you will be able to download legal songs from this website without having to pay even a penny for it. Not only this, the website also provides you the option to share your favorite music with fellow users of the website.

Free Music Archive

It is one of the best websites for downloading songs from the web for free. They claim that they have the best collection of music with over 65,000 songs available to be downloaded. They have divided their collection of music tracks into various categories such as Country, Pop, Hip Hop, Electro, EDM, Metal, Blues, Classic, Rock, R&B etc. This makes it very easy for the users to find and browse through the music and download their favorite song for free.


It has a unique archive of great music. The users of this site get a unique experience of downloading free music. Besides downloading music, the users can also watch movies, play games and get information about the artists whose albums are there on the website. You can discover some great music through categories such as popular songs, best audio of the month, best audio of the year etc.

The Last Words

So we have seen some of the best free music downloader websites above. Just visit any of these sites and download you favorite music without having to pay any cost.

5 Places from where you can get Free Music Downloads

5 Places from where you can get Free Music Downloads

We all love listening to music. It is a great relief from stress and improves our mood. There are various types of music and we all have different choices. But seldom, you will find a person who doesn’t listen to music. Now streaming music can be a headache because firstly you will be needed to be connected to a network. Then you need to ensure that you have a lot of data as well. But the other alternative you have is to download the music at once, store it on your device and listen to it whenever you want without requiring a connection. Now there are multiple websites which allow music download and that too for free. So let us now look at some of the best music downloader websites. Note that downloading from these websites is absolutely legal.


It is a great and popular website which has a creative commons license. This means that the artists have themselves decided to give their music to the masses for free. So you get to download new and popular music legally and that too for free. It has various categories like the most popular, latest release, most heard etc which help you to download the most trending songs. You can download either a single track or an entire album here.


This website has thousands of music tracks and all of them are absolutely free as well as legal to download. The tracks are provided by the artists and you can tip them through the website only if you liked and enjoyed their work. You can download any song by just entering your email address and then the zip code for each album or song that you are willing to download. After that you will get a link to download the song. The song will be downloaded in the mp3 format while the album will be downloaded in zip format which can be extracted to take out mp3 songs.

Free Music Archive

This music downloader website which is popularly known as the FMA allows you to download free music directed by the freeform radio station known as WFMU. The songs here are free of cost and legal to be downloaded. You can download the songs even if you do not have user account on the website. There are various genres of songs which are divided into sub categories. You can browse through these categories to search and then download your favorite songs.

Internet Archive’s Audio Library

Not only music files, but this popular website also consists of millions of podcasts, radio programs as well as live music archives. All these are available for free and can be legally downloaded from the website. The items on the site can be sorted according to the date, artist, title or popularity. After that you can easily browse your favorite songs and thereby download them for free. This is very popular since most of the major artists’ works are available here.

Pure Volume

It is another great website to download free music legally. Just browse through the already specified categories, select you favorite song and then you can download it from the site without even having to create a user account.

The Bottom Line

So we have seen that though there are many websites for music download, but most of them provide illegal content. So if you want to download legal content and that too for free, then you can visit any of the music downloader sites mentioned above and get your favorite songs for free.

5 Best Audio File Converters to Convert Audio Files

5 Best Audio File Converters to Convert Audio Files

Are you also tired of seeing the “unsupported format” message on your device while playing a certain video which you got to download after so much of brain storming, in order to search the same over the World Wide Web? Because of the large assortment of various audio formats available today, there may come some files which will be unreadable just because of the unsupported format. In order to make the format supportable by your device, it is necessary to convert it into some format which will be supported on your device. Audio file converters are blessings for us in such “What to do?” situations.

There are a number of online services and apps that offer their users with fast and convenient processes during the conversion process. Here we will be listing few of the best soundcloud to mp3 audio file converter software.

Apowersoft free online Audio Converter

An easy and effective method of converting video or audio files to your preferred audio formats is offered by Apowersoft. You can choose from a wide range of formats which includes MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and OGG. You will get completely free web services and to your relief, you also don’t need to sign in or sign up as it is available for all the online users. Fast and stable conversion along with conversion of video to audio for various mobile devices and PC are few of its major features. It also provides few more features such as support for online conversion of audio files and specific audio output settings which further helps to meet the varied needs of users.

Free Audio Converter

Free Audio Converter supports a number of popular audio file formats and the best thing is that it is a free program. This audio file converter has very flexible settings which enables you to edit or delete any old presets and create the new ones. It also allows you to change the audio conversion settings and the parameters too. This audio conversion software supports both single and batch mode which is the one of the useful features we can find in a software.

Media Monkey

This is a media library program and also a digital media player which primarily known to organize and play the audio files. It is able to manage both small and large media collections. It is able to download podcasts, search music online, rip CDs and can organize files on any network or hard drive. As conversion software it can convert files from almost each and every format. The application is available for both free and at a mere cost of 25$ for the premium version.


FreeRIP which is a multifaceted converter is capable of reading audios from the CDs and saving the files on the device in different digital formats. It can also convert audio files such as MP3 into different formats, play audio files and can also find the track information e.g. titles and lyrics. It also allows the users with easy and swift conversion and organization of media files. You can either use the basic and free version or upgrade to the paid version with extra useful options.


Foobar2000 which is a free download player specially designed for Windows OS come with a customizable interface with extensively flexible settings and other useful features. It can be completely customized and hence third party developers can choose to change the interface. It supports a wide selection of formats and Audio CD ripping too.

The Bottom Line

These are few of the audio file converters we found best on the Internet. Now it is your turn to research a little on your needs and get yourself the best among these, according to your needs.


4 Useful tips to download Music and Movies for Free

4 Useful tips to download Music and Movies for Free

Everyone loves to listen to music or watch movies in their free time. It is a great stress buster and a good source of entertainment. Whenever you are bored, you can do either of these activities to spend some quality time. Now it would require a lot of data to stream the music or the movies. Plus if you have a slow connection, then you might get irritated with the buffering as well. Also, many times you may not be connected to a network and it would be impossible to stream music or movies. So, the best way out is to download them on your device through soundcloud music downloader. Now there are many websites from where you can download music as well as movies, but there are many problems. By following the tips mentioned below, you can download easily. Let us take a look at these tips.

Allow personal firewall settings to enable P2P Downloads

Firewalls are free software programs which mostly comes pre-installed on your computers. These are there to block and prevent the intruders from accessing your computer network. They help in preventing the viruses and other malware from attacking your device. Most of the websites and P2P networks are considered illegal intruders by the firewall and they sometimes block you from downloading through these. So therefore to download the free music and movies, you must go to the settings of your firewall and open the port numbers which are turned off by default. This will stop the firewall from disrupting the download.

Tweak the computer’s internet performance

Since there are a number of users who are downloading the same file from the website at any given time, therefore the speed of the download for each individual downloader slows down apparently. Also, many old computers also are not able to take full advantage of an internet connection due to which speeds are slow. But you can make some simple speed tweaks which can help you to download free music and movies quickly. Just go to internet network settings and make the tweaks to increase the speed.

Don’t do other activities through internet

Music and movie downloads are many a times interrupted and stopped when the connection is slow and you use it for multiple activities. Many a times we are bored while the files are being downloaded from the music downloader and hence browse the web or play online games side by side. This affects the overall connection and slows down the speed of the download of not completely stopping it. So you should be patient and avoid doing other network related activities while the download is taking place to ensure smooth and quick download.

Manage apps and sites bundled with P2P clients carefully

Many a times, when you are downloading music or movie file from a P2P client or a website, the adware or spyware programs open up silently behind the main website. They begin to consume data and produce advertising banners. These take away a lot of bandwidth from the free movie or music download. So you should be very careful and keep a thorough check that none of these sites open up in the background and aren’t able to take away data.

The Bottom Line

So we have seen that downloading movie or music from music downloader can be a hindrance lot of times due to various reasons. But by following the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that you remove all hindrances and download free music and movies quickly and smoothly without any trouble.

4 Best Music Converters for Windows PC Users

4 Best Music Converters for Windows PC Users

An audio converter refers to that software which can change one type of music file to another. It works by changing the extension of the file to you preferred choice. For example, it can change a mp3 file into wav, aac, or wma etc. There are some computer programs which support only one type of extension. Music file with some other extension will not play with those computer programs. It is there when the music converter comes into play.

So to enjoy the music in other formats which your media player will not be able to play, you will need to first convert it to a compatible format. Hence you will require a converter. Now there are a lot of great music converters in the market. Let us take a look at the best ones amongst those.

Xilisoft Audio Converter

It is an amazing audio converter which can not only convert audio to various formats, but it can also rip music and audio from a CD. You can convert an audio, change the bitrate or rip from a CD which just a few simple steps. It has an attractive user interface along with an intuitive layout due to which converting files on this software is quite easy as well as interesting. Other than this, it also has some other great features which include ability to extract audio from a video. It supports up to 18 audio file formats and can convert them in up to 16 formats.


It provides a combination of exceptional audio compatibility, ability to record audio from internet as well as a great and easy user interface. The best thing about this is that it is very quick in converting the format of the audio and does so without committing any sort of errors. You can convert multiple audio files at one also. One more attractive feature is its audio stream wizard. Through this, you can stream music from the internet, and then get guided in how to change its format in just three simple steps.


It is another great music converter which is really quick and can be easily afforded. The best thing about it is that it can not only convert audios into various different formats, but besides that, it can also convert the format of the videos. So, you get this multi-utility from single software. It gives you various options such as convert video, convert audio, convert video to mp3 or even rip the audio from CD. It supports most of the major formats of an audio file and can hence convert to almost all the formats. Also, just as the name states, it does a stellar job of conversion of audio files.


Out of all the other audio conversion software tools, Super is the most popular and finds the most users as well. It supports almost all types of audio formats that exist and it is way more than any other audio conversion software that you will come across. So if you want to convert an audio file into a format which isn’t quite common, then Super audio converter is what you need. Besides this, it can also extract audio from other videos and convert them into a wide array of formats which it supports.

The Bottom Line

So we have seen that audio conversion is one very common thing that you might have to do quite often. So if you want to convert an audio file into any particular format, and then just download any of the music converter mentioned above and get the job done with ease.