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Music Download Sites – What Makes a Site Legal or Illegal?





For people around the globe, Music is a way of life. It helps to soothe us, motivate us, relax us and calm us. While most people prefer to buy music through the official stores, some people also resort to downloading music through illegal websites or via a music downloader. While these music downloader sites are barely expensive for customers to get music, these have provided opportunities for a number of websites to set up an illegal method of music downloads. So what makes a music downloading site legal or illegal? Let’s have a good look at them.

The place where it all began

Napster, in 1999, became the first software to allow music file sharing among users. Founded and created by Shawn Fanning, this software allowed users to bypass the entire music industry to get music for absolutely free. However, soon this software became embroiled in numerous legal battles over violating copyright laws and more while illegally distributing music files. In 3 years, Napster filed for bankruptcy over the numerous violation cases prosecuted over them, but the damage was done. In its aftermath, numerous other file sharing websites and software emerged which allowed users with the option to illegally download music.

What makes a website is legal or illegal?

To combat the rise of Soundcloud to mp3 websites and software, few copyright laws were made. There were few basic principles a site had to follow to provide legal downloads. Firstly, they would require permission to distribute such files from their copyright owners – artists/publishing company/labels. Also, these websites would have to provide compensation to the above mentioned owners for using their properties.

How to ensure that the music you download is legal or illegal?

The website that provide you music download in a legal manner would be having a legal distribution agreement with most of the recording labels and artists which would allow you to download music for their website. The website would be paying a compensation amount to that label in return for allowing you to do so. This isn’t the case with most of the illegal music downloader website or software. This was why Napster found itself in trouble with multiple recording labels because the sharing of music files over the software was not recognized by such owners and their copyrighted materials were shared across the internet without getting compensation in return, leading to a loss of revenue for them.

What if I download Music files from an illegal website without knowing?

If you download a music file from an illegal source with or without knowledge, it would be your own fault. You are the one who could be handed responsible for the actions you take. The owners of that music file expect a small compensation from you and the website you have downloaded their file from for you to get an access to them. Therefore, it is very important for anyone to do a complete research about a website before making music downloads via a software or website.

If Music download copyright infringement is possible, then why is CD Burner software available?

While the influx of CD Burners or other software which allow you to rip music is on a rise, action cannot be taken against them. This is simply because they have legalized use association. They are allowed to be used for personal back-ups of legally purchased files but people are using them for illegal sharing of music files as well.

The Last Words

The simple trick to understand if a website you are using is legal or illegal is to understand if they are seeking proper permissions from the copyright owners before distributing their files. If a website is not following such laws, then it could be safely concluded that that music downloader website is illegal.

Top 10 Apps to Download Music from iPhone


Top 10 Apps to Download Music from iPhone

For all the music lovers, the apps of Apple are one of the most advanced apps due to many reasons as they provide the finest clarity for enjoying music. All Apple devices such as iPad, iPod and iPhone have got the best music apps with several exclusive features. To help you download music on your iPhone, the following 6 apps are the few of the best soundcloud to mp3 music downloader apps for iPhone:

Beats Music

A great free music download app, Beats Music is one useful app for those who want to stream music fast and download it to their iPhone device. This app allows you to access 20 million songs from about every genre and has got a large storage database. This app also offers a very innovative streaming service for all the music lovers with a unique combination of premium technology and services of top-tier music experts and provides you the right music.

Spotify Music

Spotify Music is similar to its sister app – Spotify which allows you to access all the required music without any kind of hassles. You can find different new songs and artists when using this application while also being able to create playlists of your own as well. This app has an enormous database and has got a great sound quality.


iDownloader is not only a music downloader app, but this app also provides video downloads, photo viewer, players etc. This application brings several management along with sharing features which makes it a great addition to the iPhone app stash. The users can download any file from the internet and transfer them swiftly to their computer also.

The Music+

The Music+ app brings a lot of ease for people who love to buy music often as it allows them to download their preferred music easily without any hassle.This app is very easy to use and is completely optimized for iOS7. You also get the option to record as well as playback the music without any issues. Its amazing interface is easy to use and is very reliable and has got lots of innovative features such as crossfade, visualizers and many more. Users can customize their listening experience with the playback music.

Music Free Download Pro

Music Pro is a great application if you wish to download unlimited number of songs to your iPhone. It supports MP3, M4A as well as WAV files which is very much helpful if you browse websites with a number of download options. This app will also enable you to play your songs using the integrated player. The music downloader pro app has a clean interface and integrates the web browser and player.The key features of this app include the ability to show the title, artists and artwork of the album.

Freegal Music

Freegal is a free music download app which can process free music downloads for iPhone or iPad devices and this app provides you with 7 million plus MP3 songs via your iPhone’s local library. Using this app can help you find a large variety of music and artists from all over the world. This app is available free of cost and is simple with a stylish interface. The interface is easy to use and provides a large number of songs to download. You can also create personalized playlists and access your library on the go.

The Bottom Line

With so many apps available for free music downloader apps for your iPhone, their features are quite innovative and makes it easy to download, listen, store, edit or share the music hassle-free and making it effortlessly easy.