player application developed by Apple Inc. This application is used to download, play and organize digital downloads of music as well as video on your personal computers. The iTunes Store is available on iPad, iTouch and iPod Touch. The songs you buy from iTunes Store are not MP3s even though they are digital music. To convert these iTunes songs to MP3, one can use tool or soundcloud Downloader built into iTunes by following the below 5 steps:

Step 1: Manage Preferences

Open the iTunes setting preferences. Navigate to the Importing Settings page where you can change the encoding format. Digital Restrictions Management or DRM allows Apple to track the number of computers that have decoded the file you have downloaded and this is the reason why you must register your music every single time you format your hard-drive. On a windows system, click on edit and then go to preferences. On a MAC system, choose iTunes and then click on preferences.

Step 2: Import Settings

The next step would be to navigate to the Importing Settings and then choose the MP3 format. Click on the General Button, and then click on the Importing Settings button in the lower section of the window system. Choose the “MP3” option from the Import option using pop-menu. Click on OK to save this setting.

Step 3: Selecting Conversion Tool

Next, make sure that all the files you want to convert are already imported to iTunes. If you still have some songs to import, you can opt to import and convert them at the same time. These new songs will show up as MP3 files in the iTunes library. Sometimes, the older purchased songs are encoded using a Protected AAC format which blocks the conversion of in- iTunes. These files can be converted a third-party file music converter or website. These files can also be converted by paying for iTunes Plus.

Step 4: Converting Files

The next step is to convert the files. To do this, select the required songs in your library and then select the “Create MP3 version” option from the menu: File à Create New Version. To convert all your songs in the folder or disc, hold down the ‘Shift’ button in windows or ‘Option’ button in Mac. After doing this, go to – Select File à Create New Version à Convert [import preference setting]. This import preference setting should be set to file encoding format which you can choose on the Importing Preferences page. After this, iTunes will prompt you for the location of the disk or folder that you wish you to import and convert.

Step 5: Get the M4P file Format

After all the above steps, you will have to wait for the audio files to convert. You will see that two copies of the song files show up in your iTunes library- the original M4P file and the new MP3 file. Both these files should be easily played in iTunes. Now you can move the M4P file to some other folder or remove them from the library if you do not want to see both the copies of the song files in your iTunes library. Keep in mind that the conversions between the compressed files can cause a slight loss in the sound quality.

The Last Words

There are several other music converter options that can be used to convert iTunes songs to MP3. Remember that if you are converting from a high- quality conversion to a low-quality conversion, the song file may worsen a little but will sound the same if converting from a low quality to high quality conversion. You can delete the original iTune file if you do not require once it is converted.


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