Difference between SoundCloud and Other Music Apps

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”. It brings your heart and soul together. It rejuvenates you and helps you to escape from worries for a while.

SoundCloud to Mp3 is a music and podcast streaming platform that brings to you over millions of songs from around the world. Originated in Berlin, Germany, SoundCloud is a wide platform that enables you to upload, record, promote and share your original self-created sounds. It is a vast audio distribution platform by which you can easily share your audio on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, etc. Hence, you can target larger audience in lesser time. It helps you to share your work using a distinctive URL.

SoundCloud carries numerous features which makes it a better option over other music apps. Differentiating itself on various aspects, SoundCloud has proved itself a better choice.

Reshare option

Many renowned music apps don’t provide us this facility. Sometimes user wishes to share their audios on social media like Facebook, twitter to reach larger audience. Using SoundCloud, you can share content on desired media outlet. On other hand, these contrasts with MySpace which does not provide you with Reshare buttons.

Adding Specific location comments

SoundCloud just provide us option to add audio. We cannot add video to it like other platforms like YouTube. Still it is consider better. This is because SoundCloud has a ability to add comments to a specific location in the track. We can simply target particular lines in audio and can add our comments over it. Same facility is not provided by other music apps.

Brings musicians closer to each other

Wider platform where each and every musician is active, SoundCloud helps the musician to look out other musicians work and to learn from them. Comments over your work are constructive and are from professional musicians. It also provides you with opportunity to go forward for collaborative works which is impossible on other music apps.

More exposer

SoundCloud has larger audience group. Main reason behind this is that it is working without buffering and this makes your work more appreciable. Audios posted by you here will get more exposure than other music apps like ReverbNation as it provides you with an opportunity of viral marketing.

Larger user base

SoundCloud has a greater user base. It has more than 175 million listeners worldwide every month which is around 100 million more than Spotify. Even after such a user base, it is free for the public.

Better Promotion

New musician want more exposure which is only possible when better promotion of their work is done. There are many “Promotion” companies out there to boost your play count on SoundCloud which is been offered by few music apps only.

Opportunity to upload heavier files

SoundCloud provides you with an opportunity to upload your audio files in 16 bit/ 44Khz. This means you can upload your music or tracks in CD quality. Same when compared to Reverbnation, better response is not recorded. It only provides us with the mp3 standard.

Free of cost

SoundCloud is totally free of cost. It’s free to register, upload, share and stream your work over SoundCloud. You can stream your work in ‘real time’ without paying a penny. It as zillions of artists and yes it provides you with an opportunity to add your work at a platform where many professionals are active. This will give you more exposure.

The Bottom Line

SoundCloud has proved itself as a better option over various well known platforms available in market. On various aspects it is better. Whether it is exposure or promotion or sound quality, SoundCloud is the one you can lay upon.


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