How to download Music from YouTube with Music Downloader

Sometimes, it is too much tiring to visit YouTube all the time just to listen to your favourite tracks. Also, the continuous consumption of data also tires our nerves. To overcome these tiring situations it is always better to download those HD videos on your device and enjoy the same anytime you want to. Yes, it seems to be easy that we can download the YouTube videos, but the major question is, how?  This article would help you out in knowing the answers to all your questions and gradually you will also know about how to download Music from YouTube with Soundcloud Downloader?

Music Downloader Website

These special websites allow the users to convert their favourite YouTube videos into MP3 files. The same can be done for music videos, songs or any type of videos. You just need to open the video in YouTube you want to convert. The next thing you need to do is to copy the video link. You can select the link in the browser bar and copy it by right clicking and selecting the copy option. If you are an android user then you can copy the link by clicking on the sharing button underneath the video and by tapping on the share option.

It’s time to click on the Download Link

There are a number of free websites which will help you convert the YouTube video into MP3 and after that you will be provided with a download link. Now all you need to do is to paste the copied URL in the box provided on the converter website and press on the “Download” or “convert” button. After clicking this, the process of conversion will begin. It is to be noted that few website might take more time than some f the other websites. Few websites such as will show the list of links in various formats, you need to click on the “Download MP3” in order to download the MP3 version precisely on the other hand websites like or, the download button which will appear just after the conversion will download the MP3 file.

Play the Music Loud

Now, you are all done with the downloading of the MP3 version of your favourite YouTube video using the music downloader. Now, just enjoy the same by playing the downloaded file on your media player. You will be able to find the downloaded file in the “download” folder. The same can be shifted to the music folders.

Transfer the file onto your iOS devices

Being a proud owner of any iOS device, you can use iTunes in order to copy the downloaded MP3 file to your device. You can add the MP3 file to the iTunes library by dragging the same, into the iTunes window. Now, you have to connect your iOS device to the computer using an USB. The device will appear in iTunes after some time. Now select the new MP3 file from iTunes and drag it to your iOS device appearing in the sidebar on the left. Now just drop the MP3 file onto the iOS device and it will be copied to the device, which you will be able to find in your Music App.

The Last Words

This is the whole process how you can download the MP3 version of the YouTube video using the Music Downloader websites. This will be very helpful for you, if you are having a hard time finding how to download the music from YouTube. The steps are really easy to follow and are easy to understand too, which will enable you to get the MP3 version of your YouTube favourites easily.


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