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Login to reply the answers Post Lv 6 a decade ago Organic brands generally don’t appear to the same standards as the prescription diets It is not a diet that’s meant for long-term use- its mainly designed for recuperation or sick animals.

It’s expensive because its a prescription diet. A few of it’s the animal hospital looking to get its costs back- a few of it is that those prescription diets cost more to analyze, test, and put out to market and because of this are more expensive. It generally requires more testing than your average diet to ensure it does what it really is supposed to with no serious problems.

This is also true with veterinary diets. If your vet recommended it for your cat there’s grounds for it. In case you are unhappy with it- ask your veterinarian how he feels about any of it.

There’s surely got to be a reason behind that. I utilize it everyday for sick dogs and puppies that are recuperating at the hospital I work in. The problem with a prescription diet is merely that- its prescription. The ingredients and such are managed by the company. Probably you could work out some type of “recuperative” diet by making use of your vet however considering your cat requires food with a soft consistency and is recuperating from surgery messing around with multiple diets and foods really isn’t ideal at this time.

If vets let your dog get sick or STAY sick to be able to generate income you will not go back. You’ll receive another vet You will find loads of medical professions that produce additional money and get much more props and have a lot less time and schooling than veterinary school.

It’s grueling, expensive, and you generally do not get a whole lot of glory as a vet. They don’t really do it for the money, or glory, or even to be popular. Keeping a pet sick merely to generate income is not only morally wrong- its unethical and considered malpractice.

That vet would probably lose his license AND his livelihood and what’s more- it probably wouldn’t even be that hard to prove. DON’T trust whatever you read on the web. The information is pretty bad generally. Trust your vet- and unless you trust him- why’d you let him do surgery on your own well-loved pet???