Hills prescription diet cat food kd

This stuff is loved by her. It must taste great because she gobbles it up at meal time. I actually just like the big can too, each morning because I can split the servings and present her a third, at night and the others. It is stinky, for certain, but it’s a little price to cover her health.

We’ve also purchased the dry food for the rare occasion where we’re away for the night time so she’s something that’s still safe to consume but won’t spoil. We love Hill’s and so are so thankful for the positive effect her nutrition has already established on her behalf prognosis. Something went wrong. try again later Please. As I feed raw normally, I purchased the raw prescription food I have always interspersed some high quality canned cat food together with the raw diet to give my cats some variety.

So, I made a decision to try the kidney support canned food in fact it is a huge success. My girl, who needs the kidney support food, loves it – the only problem is keeping my boys from the prescription food – they would like to eat it too!

In conditions of effectiveness in supporting the kidneys, I cannot yet evaluate this by. I shall need to revisit the vet, see her creatinine values and there go from. But I am happy for the present time that I’ve My vet informed me that my girl ought to be eating kidney support food. But I am happy for the present time a prescription has been found by me food that’s well received. I mixed the pate with the stew until it had been gone just. I only order the stew Now. Over a year He has been upon this food for. His numbers have not gotten worse His Dr.

Senior Cat 18 yrs old 0 You liked it! Report Dented cans By Jfratta1 on Mar 20, I have no idea the proceedings but yet again all the cans are dented up in this order. It has happened multiple times and is now a trend for chewy. This is annoying really! Put the box in my own driveway not by my entry way too, this is heavy! What’s the idea of delivery easily need to go get help carry this into my home?

That is unacceptable. Report I am certain it is best for my cats, by Mommy on Feb 13 however, It is hated by them.

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Won’t. I had purchased the chicken with veggies one previously per recommendation from my vet for failing kidney’s, that they also won’t eat due to the chunk’s and carrots. I didn’t recognize that when I purchased it. Also, that cans are huge, double the size I expected. Hopefully I could contribute to a rescue where in fact the cats will love it. Report Both cats like! By JenPo on Apr 3, I was looking for a kidney care brand that both of my cats liked. With another brand, a few of it was likely to waste because only 1 cat would eat it.

Now I’ll have less waste since both kitties gobble this up.