What makes SoundCloud better than other music streaming apps?

We all love to listen to music. There are so many music sites and apps and we all have multiple apps of music installed on our phones. There are thousands of streaming apps and sometimes it gets a bit difficult to choose which one is the best amongst them. All of them have their own qualities and different features which make it tough to decide the best amongst them. But here we have looked upon various factors and decided which app is the best in our opinion and why it is better than the others. Let us find the answers.

So out of all the music apps, the best one in our opinion is the SoundCloud to mp3. It is a great music streaming app on which not only you can listen to the greatest hits online, but can also upload your creations. Now there are certain factors which make it better than the other apps. Let us take a deep look into those.

Large User Base

The best thing about SoundCloud is that it has a really large user base. It has more than 175 million active users. This is far more than any other streaming app. Even popular apps like Spotify can’t match this huge number of users. Having so many users in itself justifies how SoundCloud is better than other music streaming apps which are why more people subscribe to it and download it rather than other apps.

Less focus on money

Apps like Spotify are focused too much on raising money. They do not care about how many users are there and how many are active. All that they are interested in is how many users want to buy their plans and subscription. Like Spotify, many other apps have the same focus. They want as much money as they can get. But this is not the case with SoundCloud. Rather, they provide a whole of free content for their growth. Yes, they do have special plans which you can buy and get extra features, but if you don’t buy that, then also you get a lot of features. For example, you can upload up to 180 minutes of audio per month for free and can listen to unlimited songs without any subscription.

Partnership with many great artists

SoundCloud thrives on its users. It is actually the users only who upload the audio files on the website or the app. Due to this there are millions of audio files on SoundCloud which can be listened by other users. Many great artists have partnered with SoundCloud as well. Many a times they release their new songs on SoundCloud. Sometimes they give teasers before the official release. This way the users can get to listen as well as download some of the latest songs as well as get a glimpse and a preview of the future hits as well.

Great for Aspiring Artists

As you know, you can upload a lot of files on SoundCloud for free. You can even buy plans and upload more if you want. So if you are an aspiring artist, then you can upload you work and get new followers. Your work will reach a lot of people and this can be a great platform to become an artist. This type of a platform isn’t provided by any other app, which gives SoundCloud a great advantage.

The Last Words

So we have seen that there are many music apps in the market. But as seen above, SoundCloud is the best of them all. It has some unique features and a great business model as well which makes it different and the best. So download SoundCloud today and enjoy listening and uploading some great music.


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