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Print often Do you travel? If so, some trouble may be had by you finding high quality Paleo protein bars to take on the road with you. And ultimately, these bars certainly are a great option to stopping at an easy food restaurant. Paleo protein bars are excellent for traveling, as a crisis snack – or at any other time when you might not have extra minutes to get ready a complete meal!

Great things about Paleo Protein Bars Generally, there are several serious advantages to devoid of to cart around a chicken leg or grass-fed steak to be able to eat healthier. Without doubt most of us have times in life traveling, meetings, running late, etc.

These bars enable you to stay Paleo – even though stuck on an airplane for 10 hours, or in a accommodation in the center of nowhere. All-too-often I’ve found myself stuck between your choices of an easy food hamburger, or a greasy slice of pizza.

Not ideal. Want to snack smarter and curb cravings? Paleo bars are have a richer nutritional profile than the majority of the other processed food bars out there.

And as the Paleo movement moves more in to the mainstream – these bars have become much more accessible. Protein Bar Products Now, we move to the individual brands. Actually, this may be less expensive, in case you are really seeking to consume protein bars regularly.

So without further ado, here are a few of the greatest Paleo protein bars! Filled with 12 grams of protein in each bar, RXBars certainly are a smart way to get quality protein away from home. For those that are looking a sweeter taste than beef jerky, RXBars ought to be your go-to traveling choice. The best may be the blueberry flavor. Dig in! With plenty of flavor, and large availability at many different chain stores, they are a fantastic choice – irrespective of where you end up.

Another added advantage of these bars, may be the complete insufficient high fructose corn syrup. Most comparable bars of the quality, contain a great deal of artificial sweeteners and ingredients. NoGii Paleo bars are a perfect gluten-free ultimately, soy-free and dairy-free choice. Find some, and purchase them in bulk then! These bars are even endorsed by Dr officially. Loren Cordain himself.

Without gluten, dairy, preservatives or soy, they fit the specific mold of an ideal Paleo choice. They are, however, a bit harder to find.

I personally just like the cranberry almond flavor best, but there may be the tasty cinnamon raisin flavor also. On top of that, the most recent formulation of The Paleo Diet Bar has 17 grams of protein – not too shabby! Hard to argue with simplicity!

Whey makes these bars extremely rich for muscle-building, with 20 grams of protein. With only 3 ingredients, and to arrive at only under calories – these bars are also ideal for buying in bulk. Even among the best Paleo bars have significantly more than 3 simple ingredients way. So make sure these bars are given by you a try. With 15 grams of protein, they are a fantastic choice for a wholesome snack on the run definitely. And as the real name suggests, it may be to take these bars right around your post-workout window best.

These fan favorites provide a different take on the classic protein bar formula completely. They contain grass-fed beef – making them much nearer to a portable steak when compared to a protein bar! In conditions of taste, these bars act like beef jerky, only softer. The bacon flavor is by the best far. Have a look at their nutrition facts below! UNDERNEATH Line While real food best is always, no one Paleo is perfectly, all the right time.

But none of the bars include a substantial amount of vegetables, either – so make certain they do not end up being the sole backbone of your daily diet.