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Page 1 of 2, 28 total comments Arlene? Perfect 10 Diet Does anyone have recommendations for simple meals? I was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic and advised to lose excess weight, exercise more, and eat the proper foods, so when I watched Dr Aziz on the View I was decided and intrigued to provide it a try.

I am starting the dietary plan on Monday, Feb. It not merely has helped me lose weight nonetheless it keeps me alive and healthy!!! I’ve passed the book to many of my relatives and buddies and all of them has lost weight and made them feel amazing! Stop filling the body with pesticides and processed unnecessary chemicals.

It needs to be better for you no relevant questions asked. The only diet I changed was cease eating processed foods. I eat a bit of chicken on some bread he suggests with a small number of steamed Broccoli some butter and a bit of fruit.

Why do people complicate life. Weekly I exercise 3 x. I don’t care what any diet or person says if you would like to remain healthy and toned exercise is crucial.

You lose everything you avoid. You want tone you need to eating healthy and exercise certainly are a must. Eating healthy alone won’t tone the body. If Dr. Aziz had given those, it would’ve been popular and sounded too good to be true! Eat real food – fruits, veggies, lean meat and stay from processed food items away. A month I’ve 15lbs to loose and already lost 8lbs in.

If you cannot pronounce something on your own food label why would you do eat it!!! Following a diet to a T and walking at least 1 mile a day. Best thing, rarely starving like in zero fat diets. I overweight am only 10 lbs. I lost 7 of the I QUICKLY went away for the weekend, and went off the dietary plan. I did so not overeat, just didn’t adhere to the diet. I back gained all 7 lbs. I feel the dietary plan allowed me to loose only water weight.

I’ve lost 60lbs. I am on my last 6lbs now. Personally i think great. I’ve eliminated all refined sugars and foods. My cholesterol is ideal and my glucose is okay. I went from a medium high dose of blood circulation pressure medicine to the cheapest dose available, month she might take me off of blood circulation pressure medicine completely so when I see my doctor next. I did follow the diet and suggestions as close as possible, but i did so have a few concerns.

The organic food could be expensive and difficult to find. Also, the fish is fairly expensive. Instead of organic I purchased regular fruits and vegetables. Also rather than the more expensive fish I ate tilapia, tuna, mahi-mahi and farmed raised salmon. I switched to stevia and agave for sugar and it spent some time working great. The book is absolutely poor at giving portions, therefore i did calorie counting and portion control.

I usually have a salad with lunch and dinner and will have fruit at each meal. I eat even more than ounces of meat at meals rarely. And I’ve snacks rarely. As you will notice in the book aren’t a whole lot of recipes because of this diet there. But, in case you are innovative you may make up your own.

I would haven’t thought that by consuming natural fats like butter, dairy rather than eating diet foods works. I now am a believer! It was very difficult the first 3 weeks but then it became very easy. I’ve gone from to I’ve not felt this good in years.

I started having more energy within weeks of the dietary plan. My family, friends and coworkers are amazed within my weight loss and energy now. My partner has lost 32lbs. She before tried everything diet, nothing worked, she actually is within 10lbs of her goal wt. She too is a believer in AN IDEAL Ten Diet. Beside poor portion recommendations and too few recipes I believe this is a solid diet. I didn’t have to lose weight but wished to become more healthy.

My energy level and athletic performance have vastly increased after simply a couple of months of following his guidelines. Apart from the diet aspect of this content, it’s also an extremely interesting book on nutrition and the way the body’s hormones are influenced by the foods we consume.

I am aware the insulin degree of 5 that he identifies. Its predicated on an A1C test which ultimately shows your sugar levels for the past 90 days. You are believed PRE-diabetic if your score is 5. It isn’t done with the most common glucose tester diabetics use. Hope this can help. Month I had a fairly high A1C result within my doc last.

So I started taking sugar immediately, white bread and white potatoes out of my diet. That took just a little adjustment. Then, my mom suggested this written book. I acquired it and started immediately I’ve been upon this plan for about four weeks and I’ve lost 20 lbs.

That’s awesome! Theres been little effort once you get started. I think the book is simple to read. I believe the ‘sugar’ levels he’s discussing, that needs to be 5 will be the A1C levels. That is dependant on a blood test at the dr office, not by these devices used to prick your finger and get your ‘sugar’ count in the home.

Most ppl wouldn’t have that device unless you’re already a diabetic. My mom and today my sister, who’s a diabetic, are on this diet program too! We’re all slimming down! I’m excited and thrilled to have found this. My hubby has eat in this manner his entire life!! I noticed an increase in my energy immediately and do like the food. However, I trust others with regards to things being too vague.

I’d like amounts to be included as I wonder easily have had an excessive amount of and that’s the reason for not losing at much as others. I’ll choose the written book given that I’ve borrowed it from the library and abide by it more closely. Despite the fact that I lost some weight never my targeti always finished up bored out of my mind on these diets.

As I browse the Perfect 10 Diet, I felt enjoy it was really good sense and addressed a far more balanced health goal and menu instead of the extremes of “no carbs! Lastly, the section on hormones and their role in health was i’m all over this for me since I’ve hypothyroidism and getting my thyroids back balance through medication has made a siginificant difference in my capability to lose and keep weight off. THEREFORE I think this written book will probably be worth your read. I am learning to portion my food properly still.

It does work. I’ve lost 30 lbs in 10 weeks now! And I did so Atkins with whole, essential foods, as much organic meat as I possibly could manage, etc. Not meaning to be rude, nonetheless it sounds as though he only knows it from rumors. Anyhow, it really is sound advice, largely, and i only wish he previously given references to where he got a few of his statements.

He said youm ust do as he says and trust him, but he should give us backup, Like how is veal a nagging problem? And why may be the ham worse compared to the shoulder? And how about the superfoods thyroid problems prohibit?