Pet food hills diet

I tried the wet food and the dry food. He wouldn’t eat it. His appetite is okay, he knew better just. Had to resort to every trick I possibly could find to get him to consume. And his weight dropped and his health worsened. There is nothing in it that warrants a prescription. It includes ingredients that are located in the cheapest quality foods commonly, at a lot more than double the cost of top quality brands.

a year of struggling to get him to consume it

After, I quit and started cooking a low-iodine diet for him in the home. He has regained weight and his thyroid levels are testing better.

It’s rather easy and inexpensive Shame on the vets who push this food. Whatever incentives your clinics get from Hills are in the trouble of the pets who get stuck choking these things down. They changed it — he snubbed his nose at it recently, but had to consume it due to the diabetes. Took him to vet. Brought him home. Fed him dinner. Continued to seize, back again to vet where he was screaming so very bad from the seizures.

They had to provide him anesthesia. Said he would keep on with this if he became popular the anesthesia. Had to place him down. The one thing different was this food. Had his diabetes managed for 5 years!!!! He did well with it and his diabetes was managed. Unfortunately the ingredients also changed and it has caused many problems with our dog.

His sugar levels aren’t as predictable, he is suffering from upset stomach, soft stools and tremendous gas. I’ll no more buy anything from Hills. The changes to the food weren’t explained by Hills or advertised and I suspect the standard of the ingredients has truly gone down.

Their food makes my pet sick. Joey’s hind legs started shaking under his weight suggesting a direct effect on his nervous system? Joey has forgotten how exactly to utilize the two little steps to greatly help him up to the ottoman, which he does without thinking normally. It’s really scary. I keep checking to ensure Joey is still breathing.

Going to take Joey for a brief walk to hopefully get some good of the poison out of his system. Scary seeing Joey in this state Really. I ceased dispensing Hills Metabolic suspecting Joey is allergic and reacting to 1 of its components. Meanwhile, it’s back again to the prior diet perhaps in lower quantities. Regards, Seamus.